Terms and Conditions

1. Rehearsals
The group will rehearse on a weekly basis. The regular evening for rehearsal session is a Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire will meet at the Albany Church hall, Hill Street in Haverfordwest. In the event of this venue being unavailable relocation will be circulated by the Secretary or a nominated person. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that contact details are updated when necessary.

The group will normally meet during term time and half term holidays but will break for the Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. Other breaks will be at the discretion of the committee.

2. Membership
Anyone wishing to join The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire must meet the criteria of the Musical Director in all cases. Such criteria are as follows:

– Be fit and able to meet the demands of performing publicly.
– Follow the instructions of the Musical Director or other nominated officer.
– Be able to attend 80% of rehearsals and concerts in any given year.
– Undertake an audition if so requested.
– Be proactive and promote the objects and aims of The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire.

Usually membership is granted to persons up to and including their 70th birthday. The musical director can exercise discretion where applicable.

The Musical Director reserves the right to audition members once per annum. The audition would be on a one-to-one basis and would be designed to ensure that the musical standard of the group remains as peak as is possible. As a result of audition, members may be asked to reposition within the group. At all times the standard of the group shall be paramount and members are expected to respect this.

3. Membership fees
The annual membership fee is payable, irrespective of attendance.  The fee may be paid to the treasurer weekly, monthly or quarterly as preferred by the member. Members are asked to pay promptly without the need for reminders. The total annual fee must be paid before the summer recess.
The annual membership fee will be agreed at the AGM following the treasurer’s report.

4. Attendance
Members are expected to meet an 80% attendance at both rehearsal and public performance during the year. If unable to attend a rehearsal and/or performance then the Secretary must be informed. If members have a regularly-occurring reason for absenteeism then the Secretary must be informed at the earliest opportunity. Members must attend a rehearsal prior to a performance. Failure to do so may render the member liable to be unable to stage as part of the performance. If a member is absent for more than 3 consecutive weeks then the secretary may make contact with the member in question.

In the event of extended absence due to illness or accident, members may, if they wish, contact the chairperson to discuss the details in confidence. The chairperson will then bring the matter to the committee for consideration of the temporary relaxation of membership fees.

5. Group Management
The group shall be the responsibility of the Committee. The committee exists to ensure the group is managed in a democratic way, and all committee members shall take collective responsibility for the decisions made at a meeting of the committee or sub committee. Members can be co-opted into roles such as librarian, patron secretary and uniform co-ordinator as necessary. The committee can also co-opt sub committees from time to time to take on specific tasks such as the organising of fundraising ventures.

6. Areas of responsibility
The Musical Director shall be appointed for their professionalism in music and choral production and performance and will oversee all tuition, stage presentation and concert management, as well as auditions and other choral activities. The Musical Director shall consult with the honorary officers of the committee and liaise with them in decision making. The Musical Director will also be consulted on press releases in the name of the group. In addition to the chair, the MD will act as ambassador of the group. The MD will have sole discretion of stage management and has the necessary authority to prevent a member from taking part in a performance after stating the reasons for the decision being taken. The MD will also be responsible for selecting the repertoire. The MD also reserves the right to appoint a stage manager as required.

Chairperson – The Chairperson (or ‘chair’) is an honorary position appointed from the membership. The chair must be a person of good standing and promote the interests of the group. The chair shall be the official ‘spokesperson’ in consultation with the MD. The chair will preside at meetings of the committee and sub committees (where possible) and direct members through the agenda and maintain good order in all group proceedings. The chair is to clarify specific points, especially the names and acronyms that might be unclear within any group document. The chair will encourage the active participation of everyone in fundraising and social activities of the group.

Secretary – The Secretary is an honorary position to be appointed from the membership. The duty of the Secretary is to be a point of contact for the public and also to take and record minutes of all meetings. The Secretary will notify committee members of meetings and also provide them with notice of agenda. The Secretary will also write communications on behalf of the group. The Secretary must be grammatically literate and able to communicate proficiently.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is an honorary position, appointed from the membership. The treasurer must be adept with finance and accounting procedures. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to keep the accounts up to date and in good order; to pay invoices promptly and to form a good professional relationship with music and uniform suppliers. The Treasurer must keep the committee informed of the financial position of the organisation.

7. Member code of conduct and attire

Each member shall conduct herself in keeping with the expected standards as stated by the Committee and Musical Director and as laid down in the constitution. Members shall attire in accordance with the uniform policy for all performances.  In the event of an informal uniform being required (i.e. polo shirt/trousers) then members will be informed in sufficient time.
The uniform is as follows:-

Polo tops (Casual) these are not charged for and remain the property of The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire and they must be returned should the member leave the group.

Fleece (Casual) these are not charged for but the member can purchase them should you wish to. They remain the property of The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire and they must be returned should the member leave the group.

Blouses – pink (winter concert wear) these blouses should be acquired when a member is ready to attend their first winter concert. Each member is asked to pay a deposit of £20.00 for these tops.  However they must be returned should the member leave the group when the deposit will be refunded to the member.

Blouses – red and orange strip (summer concert wear) these blouses are to be purchased when a member is ready to attend their first summer concert. Each member is asked to purchase these outright and they are approximately £30.00.

All the above tops are worn with black trousers, black tights and black court shoes at concerts. (Sandals  or ‘crocs’ are not permitted on stage. Other colour shoes are also not permitted.)
Members are not permitted to be under the influence of drink or drugs at a rehearsal or public performance. Any member thought to be so will not be permitted to participate.

Members are not permitted to discuss any details of the group finances or intentions outside the confines of the group. Any member found to be doing so will be deemed as having brought the group into disrepute and may be asked to resign membership.

Any member who officially complains to a booking agent, venue or hirer without going through the committee will be deemed to have brought the group into disrepute and may be asked to resign membership.

8. Public performances
All members of the group should engage in a ‘sense of occasion’ and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  Members are not permitted to talk whilst on stage, either at the start or end of a performance or in between movements.

All members are expected to attend and perform at all concerts. The Musical Director shall have the authority to prohibit a member from performing after a full explanation has been given for the reason behind the decision.

9. Medication issues
Anyone on medication is expected to take sufficient care of their own welfare.

10. Health and safety
Members have a duty of care under health and safety law for themselves and others affected by their action. Members will always be notified of H&S issues at a performance venue. The group cannot take responsibility for any injury, however caused. If a member has a health and safety issue with a venue then they must speak with the secretary. A health and safety matter must not be dealt with by a member of the group.

11. Patron scheme
Where possible a ‘patron secretary’ will be appointed to oversee the scheme and the organisation of an end-of-year patron concert in conjunction with the Musical Director. The amount of patron subscription shall be decided at the AGM and be subject to revision each year. The patronage scheme at the time of formation shall be £10.00 per annum for couples or £5.00 per year for singles.

12. Issue and use of choral music
Music although issued to members remains the property of The Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire and should be returned to the librarian or a member of the committee when a member resigns.
Members are asked not to mark the copies in any way unless it is performance directions in pencil.  Members can purchase their own copies if so desired. All members will have their own number and this will be displayed on all music issued. In the event of a member losing music then a cost may be charged for replacement.

All queries with sheet music should be directed at the librarian is the nominated person responsible for the keeping of the music.

The Cantabile Singers
September 2006/Revised 2009/Revised 2010/Revised 2013