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The Cantabile Singers are available to sing at events throughout Pembrokeshire and across into west Carmarthenshire & south Ceredigion.

Wedding attire ready

WEDDINGS – We have been fortunate to sing at many. We tailor our performances to what is requested by the bride, groom or family.


Some suggestions:
• We can perform as a group when guests arrive, during signing of the register or both.
• Flash Mobs – sitting incognito among guests who are oblivious to us and what is happening. They have a big surprise when the singing starts! Our flash mobs have proved to be very popular.

Flash mob explained to Toby of Pure West Radio:

• We can also provide entertainment at evening functions.

Wales Millenium Centre Cardiff

Before committing, you are welcome to attend a rehearsal at Albany to hear us run through a few of the wedding favourites.
The cost for singing several items at a wedding is £350 and a deposit of £100 is required to secure the booking.

CONCERTS – Charges are as below and include a 15-minute break
• £150 for up to 1 ½ hours (90 minutes)
• £180 for 2 hours

Pre-performance at Pure West Radio’s Talent Competition

• For shorter or longer performances prices can be reviewed and tailored to your requirements.

CHARITY EVENTS – Please contact:  [email protected]

Access to a power supply for our keyboard and sound system  is needed for our performances.